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Shelly Craft


Refine – to polish: to improve by making small changes: to bring to a renewed state

After being in the salon industry for over 15 years, I decided it was time to be a part of something more and different. To me, the Salon and Spa industry is really about people and relationships. We have the opportunity to change a person’s appearance while impacting the way that they feel!

As I decided to embark on the journey of this new business, I looked for words to explain what I hoped our guests would experience: relaxed, renewed, more confident, and Refined!

I have had the opportunity to visit several wonderful spas for a relaxing escape and often wondered how comfortable a man would feel in those atmospheres. Therefor my goal here was to create a place where every man would feel comfortable receiving spa services such as manicures, pedicures, massage, while bringing back the shave. The Men’s refinery BarberSpa is about more than just a haircut. We hope that you find your experience here, exceptional!

Our Mission
To invite every man to experience renewal and refinement
in a uniquely comfortable spa atmosphere

Our Core Values

E – Environment: We value a work environment that is welcoming and relaxing for our clients, as well as an enjoyable workplace culture for our team members
Q – Quality: We value delivering all of our services with superior and consistent attention to detail and proficiency. It is always our aim to strive for complete satisfaction on the part of our clients through the highest quality of work in everything we do
U – Understanding: We value being a company that seeks to fully understand the needs and aspirations of both our clients and our team members. We aim to be attuned to the ways in which we can serve well both those who receive our services, and those who deliver them
I – Integrity: We value honesty in all of our business activities, and we subscribe to the highest standards of ethical conduct, seeking to genuinely honor God in all of our actions
P – People: We value hiring and retaining top talent, knowing our most important asset is the quality service providers who comprise our team

For your convenience, we accept appointments at your request, or walk-in customers are always welcome as well. Give us a call at (706) 426-6620.